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| LCC main directory |

This is the main directory of the LCC.
In nearly every directory you will find a "whats_this.txt" explaining the contents of that directory.
You can finde comprehensive documentation in the "documentation" subfolder.
Included there are instructions on how to get LCC running.

The main directory and its subdirectorys holds everything LCC needs for its operation.
LCC does not run of its own and must be implemented customly BUT don't run away right now!
You will find a sample implementation of LCC udner the documentation/example
subdirectory. You can use this php file to use LCC as a stand-alone installation.
If you want to integrate LCCs presentation (i.e. the user interface) into your application,
then have a look into the documentation. Also review the stand-alone integration example file
because you will need to do very similar tasks.

For installing LCC now, have a look at INSTALL_LCC.txt

LCC is distributed under the GPL (>= 2), so have a look to "documentation/LICENSE.txt".
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