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| LCC - Drivers  |

This directory contains all drivers that can be loaded by the core.
The classes in here provide most of the functionality of
the whole system, and what comes out in the end depends
of the combination of this classes.

There are several subdirectorys where your drivers should go, depending on what kind of driver it is:
- user:          All user drivers are stored here. User drivers are responsible for getting information about users and groups.
- event:         Events are - you guessed it - events and responsible for event management. The drivers for storing/getting
                 event data reside here.
- note:          The note drivers establish the connection between the events and the notes of events.
A driver is a component, that can be exchanged transparently but changes the behavior of LCC.

Feel free to use the already provided classes as examples to implement your own!
If you have a class that provides functionality maybe needed to the public,
feel free to share it with us! We will implement it in the next release, if it is useful.
Just open a feature Request on SourceForges Bugtracker or send a quick email.

For detailed instructions on how to implement your own drivers, have a look
in the LCC-Documentation (howto_write_a_driver.txt)
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