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| Lightweight Club Calendar |

Application features (of the default design):
* Simple Calender displaying Events
* Users can participate in events
* Users can be part of groups
* Group leaders can assign groups to events
* Events can be managed
* Users can add notes to events to discuss about a event
* Users can delete/modify notes

Program design features:
* Small, lean core, featuring easy maintainance and security
* Modular object oriented design - easy enhancement of features
* Single-sign-on capabilitys (through UserDriver) and easy integration of
  users/groups from other applications
* Uses SMARTY to provide the ability to completely redesign not only the presentation but also
  the actions users can trigger in LCC
* Supports different designs
* Supports different languages
* Uses PEAR::Calendar for the clanedar stuff, so the weel isn't invented again

The motto of this project is: "It does not much but what it does, it does good"
It follows the traditional UNIX-philosophy to implement on its own just what is necessary.
For all other parts, existing code will be used.
Therefore this project uses:
* SMARTY template engine  (http://smarty.php.net)
* PEAR's Calendar         (http://pear.php.net/package/Calendar/)

User/Group-model depends on an predefined interface which is called by the LCC core.
The workload itself is done by that "driver" object. It is responsible to get the user/group data.
The same applies to events; they are actually stored by a EventDriver. This way LCC can store events
at arbitary places like flat files or databases.
Notes are handled by separate NoteDrivers.

For more information feel free to visit our website:
http://lc-calendar.sourceforge.net/         (Website)
http://sourceforge.net/projects/lc-calendar (SourceForge project site)
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