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| LCC example directory  |

Here you will find some example files showing you how to implement
LCC. In production environments you should remove this directory as well
as the documentation directory.

To use/customize one of this examples, copy it to the LCC install path or
(which is even better better) in some custom location.
If you copy it to a custom location, you must adjust the paths accordingly.

I recommend the following layout:


where x.x is the lcc version number. This way, you can symlink (unde linux)
the lcc installation directory, which makes upgrading more easy:
  somedir/lcc -> somedir/lcc-x.x/
In your my-calendar.php you make a
  require 'lcc/core/lcc_core.class.php';

To upgrade later on, you just need to unpack the new release tarball
and adjust the symlink. If you need to go back quickly to the previous
installed version, you can switch the symlink back easily.
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