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 * @author Fabio Xavier de Lima
 * Creation Date: 02/07/2008
 * Last Modfied: 02/07/2008

	require_once 'Db_Light_Table.php';
	require_once 'Zend/Date.php';
	class MyTestTable extends Tabela {
		protected $name = 'USU_ONL';
		protected $PrimaryKey = 'myCod';
		protected $myCod = null;
		protected $myName = null;
		protected $myDate = null;
/*	The lines below are not part of the class.
    They are only to test and demonstrate how to use the object.
//	Create an instance of the object
	$UserOnLine = new MyTestTable();
//	Set property
	$UserOnLine->myName = "Fabio";
//	Using the select method
	$records = $UserOnLine->select();
//	Result of selection
	print '<br><hr>';
	print '<br><hr>';
	$dt = new Zend_Date();
//	setting properties of the object
	$UserOnLine->myCod = 10200;
	$UserOnLine->myName = 'Fabio Lima';
	$UserOnLine->myDate = $dt->get('dd/MM/yy');
//	Includes a new record in the table, using the values informed above..
	print "<br>";
	print 'Registros incluĂ­dos:' . $UserOnLine->insert();
//	Deletes records in the table, using the values informed above.
	print "<br>";
	print 'records erased:' . $UserOnLine->delete();
//	Create a second object, a past record.
//	In this case the object is created with their properties already loaded.
	$UserOnLine2 = new MyTestTable($records[0]);
	print'<br> field1: '.$UserOnLine2->myCod;
	print'<br> field2: '.$UserOnLine2->myName;
	print'<br> field3: '.$UserOnLine2->myDate;

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