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	include (dirname(__FILE__)."/libmail.php"); 
	$m= new Mail; // create the mail
	$m->From ("hide@address.com");
//	$m->From ("hide@address.com", "Leo at ISP");

	$m->To ("hide@address.com");
//	$m->To (array("hide@address.com", "hide@address.com"));
//	$m->To (array("hide@address.com" => "Someone", "hide@address.com" => "Somebody"));

	$m->Subject ("the subject of the mail");
	$m->Body ("Hello\nThis is a test of the Mail component");	// set the body

	$m->Cc ("hide@address.com");
//	$m->Cc (array("hide@address.com", "hide@address.com"));
//	$m->Cc (array("hide@address.com" => "Someone", "hide@address.com" => "Somebody"));

	$m->Bcc ("hide@address.com");
//	$m->Bcc (array("hide@address.com", "hide@address.com"));
//	$m->Bcc (array("hide@address.com" => "Someone", "hide@address.com" => "Somebody"));

	$m->Priority (4) ;	// set the priority to Low

	$m->Attach ("/home/leo/toto.gif", "image/gif", "inline") ;	// attach a file of type image/gif to be displayed in the message if possible
	$m->Attach ("/home/leo/toto.gif", "image/gif", "attachment", "fun.gif"); // attach toto.gif file as fun.gif

	$m->Send ();	// send the mail
	echo "Mail was sent:<br><pre>", $m->Get (), "</pre>";
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