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=== Latest twitter sidebar widget ===
Contributors: salzano
Donate link: http://www.tacticaltechnique.com/donate/
Tags: twitter, twitter widget, twitter sidebar, twitter plugin
Requires at least: 3.0.0
Tested up to: 3.0.2
Stable tag: 0.110224

Displays the latest updates for any twitter user name 
in a sidebar widget. Automatically embeds links to @users, #hashtags and urls.

== Description ==

<p>This widget will display the most recent tweets for any twitter user
who has their tweets set as public. Show up to 20 tweets. This
plugin has been updated to work with Twitter's new 2010 API.</p>
<p>Visit my website for an older version of the plugin (version 0.100210) that will work with PHP4
if you have an older version of WordPress.</p>
<p>CSS friendly!</p>

== Installation ==

1. Download latest-twitter-sidebar-widget.zip
2. Decompress the file contents
3. Upload the latest-twitter-sidebar-widget folder to a Wordpress plugins directory (/wp-content/plugins)
4. Activate the plugin from the Administration Dashboard
5. Open the Widgets page under the Appearance section
6. Drag the Latest Twitter widget to the active sidebar
7. Configure the widget options to suit your needs and click Save

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= Need help? Have a suggestion? =
[Visit this plugin's home page](http://www.tacticaltechnique.com/wordpress/latest-twitter-sidebar-widget/)

== Screenshots ==

1. Widget configuration menu

== Change Log ==

= 0.110224 =
* Faster refresh rate for better synchronization
* Removed link target on links to twitter profile

= 0.101205 =
* Better error handling for twitter API response

= 0.101126 =
* Handle twitter API entities object null state
* Fix off-by-one count during counting of twitter updates
* Added twitter tag to readme file

= 0.101120 = 
* Introduced external .css file for formatting
* Added element ID to HTML tags

= 0.101115 =
* Rewrite to work with twitter's 2010 API
* Uses PHP curl to pull data from Twitter
* Uses PHP json to manipulate JSON data

= 0.100210 =
* More features added to the widget options to increase customization
* Added a link below the twitter updates "follow @username on twitter" to make link more obvious
* This will be the last version that supports PHP4's DOMXML object available from the WP Plugin Directory

= 0.090401 =
* Options available to choose username and number of twitter updates to show

= 0.081204 =
* Displays more than one latest update

= 0.081125 = 
* First build

== Upgrade Notice ==

= 0.110224 =
Downloads data from twitter once the local copy is 30 minutes old instead of a few hours

= 0.101205 =
Handle errors and gracefully omit tweets when they are not available

= 0.101126 =
Bug fixes based on user feedback

= 0.101120 =
Code improvements to enable easier CSS styling of the widget output

= 0.101115 =
Twitter loves to change their API. Updated to work with the new JSON format.

= 0.100210 =
More customization available in widget options. Final PHP4 / DOMXML build before a rewrite for PHP5

== History ==
<p>Thanks to [Paul H](http://the-seed.ca/blog/) and Ron B for providing me with feedback for the last 
2010 November updates.</p>

<p>This plugin is a testament to twitter's treatment of third party developers pre-2010. A poor API 
was followed by a new API and the destruction of the old. Lots of code broke, including this plugin. 
I enjoyed the near-total rewrite, and I am happy to maintain this plugin should such drastic changes 
occur once again.</p>

<p>The first version of this plugin was based upon code 
written by [Ryan Barr](http://spookyismy.name/resources/latest-twitter-update-with-phprss-_-part-one).
I abandoned Ryan's code at version 0.081204, but I still
credit his example for introducing me to the 2008 Twitter API.</p>
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