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Release 1.5.1

* Fixed: E_WARNING Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in Lagger/Handler.php:56

Release 1.5

* Added: Backtrace of error/exception calls availabled like {trace} template var
* Added: New version of Lagger_Action_ChromeConsole with backtrace support

Release 1.4.6

* Added: New version of Lagger_Action_ChromeConsole
* Deprecated: FirePHP support

Release 1.4.5

* Fixed: Compatibility with PHP 5.2.x
* Fixed: Fatal errors handling in Lagger_Action_ChromeConsole in PHP 5.2.x

Release 1.4.2

* Added: Lagger_Action_ChromeConsole - send messages to Google Chrome console
* Added: Lagger_Handler_Errors ignore errors marked with @
* Added: Lagger_Handler_Exceptions now has "trace" var in eventspace
* Added: Lagger_Action_Print::flushToHtmlBody()
* Fixed: Lagger_Action_Print flushing buffer on exit
* Fixed: Lagger_Tagger session starting
* Fixed: Lagger_ExpireList directory check
* Fixed: Lagger_Handler internal exceptions throwing
* Fixed: Lagger_ExpireList saving when script is break by fatal error
* Fixed: Lagger_Eventspace now correctly fetch values of callback vars

Release 1.4

* Added: Lagger_Action_WinSpeak

Release 1.3

* Added: Lagger_Tagger - to rewrite actions tags by GET request
* Fixed: Sort classes by directories

Release 1.2

* Added: Handling fatal PHP errors
* Added: Integration with FirePHP http://www.firephp.org
* Fixed: Lagger_PrintAction don't flush headers any more

Release 1.1

* Added: Internal Lagger errors/exceptions support
* Added: Support of Lagger_ActionException
* Added: Lagger_ActionSms by SMS gateway class of service http://litesms.net
* Added: Using custom functions as modifiers for templates(without registration)
* Improved: Defining templates like a strings, not like objects
* Improved: Lagger_ActionFileLog limits checking only in one of 100 iterations
* Fixed: Lagger_PrintAction now work correctly on flushing buffer
* Fixed: Correct tags matching check in Lagger_Handler_Debug
* Fixed: Lagger_Skiper expire time updating when expire check

Release 1.0

* All it was :)
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