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<KnowledgeTypes encoding="utf-8"><KnowledgeTypeSet Original="Learning Diary 7" Language="English" ID="tts25" Name="Learning Diary 7"><Description>Knowledge Type set for writing Learning Diaries which will be shared and commented within the study group. The type set was developed and tested in the &quot;Design Thinking&quot; -summer course of UIAH Media Lab and Helsinki Summer School 2002, 2003, 2004. Andrea Botero and Teemu Leinonen.</Description><StartingTypes><KnowledgeTypeRef ID-REF="Start"/></StartingTypes><FollowupRule><KnowledgeTypeRef ID-REF="Start"/><KnowledgeTypeRef ID-REF="Learned"/><KnowledgeTypeRef ID-REF="Question"/><KnowledgeTypeRef ID-REF="Answer"/></FollowupRule><FollowupRule><KnowledgeTypeRef ID-REF="Learned"/><KnowledgeTypeRef ID-REF="Learned"/><KnowledgeTypeRef ID-REF="Question"/><KnowledgeTypeRef ID-REF="Answer"/></FollowupRule><FollowupRule><KnowledgeTypeRef ID-REF="Question"/><KnowledgeTypeRef ID-REF="Learned"/><KnowledgeTypeRef ID-REF="Question"/><KnowledgeTypeRef ID-REF="Answer"/></FollowupRule><FollowupRule><KnowledgeTypeRef ID-REF="Answer"/><KnowledgeTypeRef ID-REF="Learned"/><KnowledgeTypeRef ID-REF="Question"/><KnowledgeTypeRef ID-REF="Answer"/></FollowupRule><KnowledgeType ID="Start" Colour="#FFD700" Name="Starting point"><Icon LocalName="data1" ContentType="image/gif"/><StartingPhrase>Today in the course / workshop we ...</StartingPhrase><Description>This is the note that starts an entry to the learning diaries and begins the discussion of them. With this note type you can bring a new topic to the discussion and ask participants to write to their diaries about it. Usually the teacher of the course writes the starting point note by making a summary of the day's activities.</Description><Checklist>Is your note starting some &lt;b&gt;new topic&lt;/b&gt; or &lt;b&gt;area of discussion&lt;/b&gt;? 

Are you &lt;b&gt;challenging or ellaborating thoughts and ideas&lt;/b&gt; presented in the course?

Are you presenting &lt;b&gt;summary&lt;/b&gt; of the day's activities?

This note only &lt;b&gt;starts the discussion&lt;/b&gt;: add your learning notes, questions and answers by replying to this note.</Checklist></KnowledgeType><KnowledgeType ID="Learned" Colour="#67CA67" Name="I have learned"><Icon LocalName="data2" ContentType="image/gif"/><StartingPhrase>I have learned that ...</StartingPhrase><Description>With the I have learned -note you can present what you feel that you have learned - understood in a new way. Beware of your learning, that which takes place everywhere and all the time. All the learning experiences you write here do not necessarily have to do with the topic of the course.</Description><Checklist>Are you describing your &lt;b&gt;understanding&lt;/b&gt; of the topics?

Are you presenting your own &lt;b&gt;insights&lt;/b&gt; and &lt;b&gt;observations&lt;/b&gt;?

Are you including definitions and descriptions with your &lt;b&gt;own words&lt;/b&gt;?</Checklist></KnowledgeType><KnowledgeType ID="Question" Colour="#FF8C00" Name="Question"><Icon LocalName="data3" ContentType="image/gif"/><StartingPhrase>I would like to know ...</StartingPhrase><Description>With the question note you can point out something you would like to know more about. The question can be related to lectures, group works, discussions etc. Feel free to ask questions. Remember that in order to learn you need problems.</Description><Checklist>Are you raising up in your note a &lt;b&gt;question&lt;/b&gt; related to the topics of the?

Do you &lt;b&gt;explain the context&lt;/b&gt; to which this question is related to?

If you already have a &lt;b&gt;suggestion of an answer&lt;/b&gt; in your mind, use the &lt;b&gt;&quot;answer&quot;&lt;b&gt; -note.</Checklist></KnowledgeType><KnowledgeType ID="Answer" Colour="#778ECF" Name="Suggestion of an answer"><Icon LocalName="data4" ContentType="image/gif"/><StartingPhrase>I found out that ...</StartingPhrase><Description>With the answer note you may provide your suggestion of an answer to some question note. It can be just your own proposal or something you have heard, read or experienced somewhere.</Description><Checklist>Is there &lt;b&gt;a suggestion of an answer&lt;/b&gt; in your note?

If your answer &quot;owes&quot; to some &lt;b&gt;book, tv, discussion or experience of yours&lt;/b&gt; do you include that information in your note?

if this is a new &lt;b&gt;insight&lt;/b&gt; or &lt;b&gt;discovery&lt;/b&gt; of yours, do not hesitate to use &lt;b&gt;&quot;I have learned&quot;&lt;/b&gt; -note.</Checklist></KnowledgeType></KnowledgeTypeSet></KnowledgeTypes>
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