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--- Please Leave for Your Information ---
	Name - KeyGold
	Version - 1.0
	WebSite - http://www.iklanpromo.com/script
	Writer - Usnada (hide@address.com)
    File List :
	 - keywodgen.php
         - expectedwords.php
         - commonwords.php
--- Thank you ---

KeyGold is a simple PHP script that generate relevant keywords from your site content. It's suitable for anyone who need to build a new site.

feature :
- read file html and easy browse file
- easy copy paste from site content
- complete result for keyword and 'Description'
- 'black list' keyword file
- 'expected keyword' file

This code is provided As Is with no warranty expressed or implied. I am not liable for anything that results from your use of this code. You can distribute this freely provided the header, this readme and the link to http://www.iklanpromo.com/script is left intact. You can use this code free of charge for non commercial use. If you charge a person to use this script you must purchase a license to it. If you incorporate this code into a commercial product you must also purchase a license. For more information on obtaining a commercial license e-mail hide@address.com

To install :
1. Unzip the KeyGold file
2. Upload all files  in ASCII mode. 

To use :
- Link to the following to use your keyword generator.

- Edit file commonwords.php 
 to add your black list word.

- Edit file commonwords.php 
to add your expected keyword

Thanks, hope you find this useful.

Ketut Usnada
02 Feb 2002 - Bali, Indonesia
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