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	Name - KeyGold
	Version - 1.0
	WebSite - http://www.iklanpromo.com/script
	Writer - Usnada (hide@address.com)
    File : expectedwords.php
    Desc. : black list word 
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$commonwords = <<<EOF
the a & because should something early few since through during others around long before sure click go hour hours am pm any does if i you he she to here been still km well look other him must whom within has also two often only than want without when of if can while was and it in that with my so at for up on by this from be as me some her she time again were down back would his how just brother both all one needed not had after there out lot quite do may see many know always no except anyone | per them the very they their most then about but like who your will we is are or our have an more what us which its being into - later these following \\ such over ensure months

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