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 *    Copyright (c) 2010 Just Another Video script
 *    This file is part of Just Another Video script.
 *    Come to website for support or buying additional plugins/modules.
 *    http://justanothervideoscript.com/
$db = new mysql($db_host, $db_user, $db_password, $db_database) ;
$sitefolder = getsetting("sitefolder", $db) ;
$rootpath =  $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].$sitefolder ;

 // Code for Session Cookie workaround
	if (isset($_POST["PHPSESSID"])) {
	} else if (isset($_GET["PHPSESSID"])) {


// Check post_max_size (http://us3.php.net/manual/en/features.file-upload.php#73762)
	$POST_MAX_SIZE = ini_get('post_max_size');
	$unit = strtoupper(substr($POST_MAX_SIZE, -1));
	$multiplier = ($unit == 'M' ? 1048576 : ($unit == 'K' ? 1024 : ($unit == 'G' ? 1073741824 : 1)));

	if ((int)$_SERVER['CONTENT_LENGTH'] > $multiplier*(int)$POST_MAX_SIZE && $POST_MAX_SIZE) {
		header("HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error"); // This will trigger an uploadError event in SWFUpload
		echo "POST exceeded maximum allowed size.";

// Settings
	$save_path = $rootpath."uploads/newuploads/" ;			// The path were we will save the file (getcwd() may not be reliable and should be tested in your environment)
	$upload_name = "resume_file";
	$max_file_size_in_bytes = getsetting("mediamaxsize", $db) ;				// 200mb in bytes
	$extension_whitelist = array("flv", "wmv", "mov", "mpg", "avi", "mpeg", "mp4", "3gp", "rm", "asf");	// Allowed file extensions
	$valid_chars_regex = '.A-Z0-9_ !@#$%^&()+={}\[\]\',~`-';				// Characters allowed in the file name (in a Regular Expression format)

// Other variables
	$file_name = "";
	$file_extension = "";
	$uploadErrors = array(
        0=>"There is no error, the file uploaded with success",
        1=>"The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini",
        2=>"The uploaded file exceeds the MAX_FILE_SIZE directive that was specified in the HTML form",
        3=>"The uploaded file was only partially uploaded",
        4=>"No file was uploaded",
        6=>"Missing a temporary folder"

// Validate the upload
	if (!isset($_FILES[$upload_name])) {
		HandleError("No upload found in \$_FILES for " . $upload_name);
	} else if (isset($_FILES[$upload_name]["error"]) && $_FILES[$upload_name]["error"] != 0) {
	} else if (!isset($_FILES[$upload_name]["tmp_name"]) || !@is_uploaded_file($_FILES[$upload_name]["tmp_name"])) {
		HandleError("Upload failed is_uploaded_file test.");
	} else if (!isset($_FILES[$upload_name]['name'])) {
		HandleError("File has no name.");

// Validate the file size (Warning: the largest files supported by this code is 2GB)
	$file_size = @filesize($_FILES[$upload_name]["tmp_name"]);
	if (!$file_size || $file_size > $max_file_size_in_bytes) {
		HandleError("File exceeds the maximum allowed size");

	if ($file_size <= 0) {
		HandleError("File size outside allowed lower bound");

// Validate file name (for our purposes we'll just remove invalid characters)
	$file_name = preg_replace('/[^'.$valid_chars_regex.']|\.+$/i', "", basename($_FILES[$upload_name]['name']));
	if (strlen($file_name) == 0 || strlen($file_name) > $MAX_FILENAME_LENGTH) {
		HandleError("Invalid file name");

// Validate that we won't over-write an existing file
	if (file_exists($save_path . $file_name)) {
		HandleError("File with this name already exists");

// Validate file extension
	$path_info = pathinfo($_FILES[$upload_name]['name']);
	$file_extension = $path_info["extension"];
	$is_valid_extension = false;
	foreach ($extension_whitelist as $extension) {
		if (strcasecmp($file_extension, $extension) == 0) {
			$is_valid_extension = true;
	if (!$is_valid_extension) {
		HandleError("Invalid file extension");

// Validate file contents (extension and mime-type can't be trusted)
		Validating the file contents is OS and web server configuration dependant.  Also, it may not be reliable.
		See the comments on this page: http://us2.php.net/fileinfo

		Also see
		 which describes how a PHP script can be embedded within a GIF image file.

		Therefore, no sample code will be provided here.  Research the issue, decide how much security is
		 needed, and implement a solution that meets the needs.

// Process the file
		At this point we are ready to process the valid file. This sample code shows how to save the file. Other tasks
		 could be done such as creating an entry in a database or generating a thumbnail.

		Depending on your server OS and needs you may need to set the Security Permissions on the file after it has
		been saved.
	if (!@move_uploaded_file($_FILES[$upload_name]["tmp_name"], $save_path.$file_name)) {
		HandleError("File could not be saved.");
	echo $file_name ;


/* Handles the error output. This error message will be sent to the uploadSuccess event handler.  The event handler
will have to check for any error messages and react as needed. */
function HandleError($message) {
	echo $message;
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