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jsCheck - Readme

This class gives you the ability to, with PHP, check if the user has JavaScript activated or not. This can be done by two different ways, where the first one is using a form and let JavaScript submit it before the page has loaded. Then PHP are able to see if there were any POST-data, and if so, the user has JavaScript activated.

The other method is by using cookies. This requires the user not only to have JavaScript activated, but also allow the site to set cookies. With that said this method has one more drawback compared to the form-method, and that is that the user have to manually reload the page (probably by navigating somewhere on the site) so that PHP can check if the cookie is set.

The checkJsByForm()-function is used for the first method, while checkJsByCookies() is used for the second one. After either of those two is called, you must also call the function isJsActivated() to see if JavaScript really is activated or not. This function returns true if JS is activated and fals if it isn't.

And finally; I hope that someone will find this script usable, and if you have any comments or thoughts about it, feel free to contact me through email; hide@address.com
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