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Joomdle Team
Antonio Duran Terres
Chris Rogers

Code contributors (Listed in Changelog)
Carlos Mansilla

French: Fabrice Cunuder and Vincent Julliot
Romanian: Fabrice Cunuder
German: Ernst Wieghorst
Italian: Antonio Mercurio

External credits
As Joomdle integrates Joomla and Moodle, it borrows code from both projects.
The same is true for other components integrated: Virtuemart, Tienda, Xmap, Jomsocial, JSPT...
Auto height in wrapper code for Moodle 1.9 ported form JFusion
Installer ported from Joomfish
Includes some icons from the great icon collection Dropline Neu. For more information about the Dropline Neu, icon set, see Silvestre's website at http://www.silvestre.com.ar.
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