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JOE IMAGES created by Wes Edling @ http://joedesigns.com

Step 1.
Copy all files from joe_images.zip into a folder on your server called 'joe_images' on your server.

Step 2.
Create a MySQL database, you may name it anything you want and add these tables using sql.

CREATE TABLE `joe_images` (
  `id` mediumint(9) NOT NULL auto_increment,
  `status` mediumint(9) NOT NULL default '0',
  `name` text NOT NULL,
  `info` text NOT NULL,
  `timestamp` text NOT NULL,
  UNIQUE KEY `id` (`id`)

NOTE: if you have a database already created with other tables you can use this database for this table.

Step 3.
Chmod the folder 'images' to 777. This must be writeable for the images to be uploaded.

Step 4. Config the variables in 'joe_images/config_connect_functions.php', Make sure that you have setup a user MySQL that will have the same information as your config file.

Step 5.
Put this code in your site some where and make sure the path is correct. This is how you will show your images on your site.

require "/joe_images/config_connect_functions.php";
viewPhotos("3", "1", "1", "/joe_images/");

NOTE: the options for the viewPhotos are customizable. You can use these options below to change them.

viewPhotos($cols, $sort, $order, $path);

$cols = number of columns for the photos to display. (1 - 10)
$sort = this is how it will sort the photos. (1-2); 1 = by date; 2 = by name;
$order = this will change the order by either ascending or descending. (1-2); 1 = by ascending; 2 = by descending;
$path = the path needs to be pointed to the joe_images folder.

Step 6. Go to your site and add some photos, and your good to go!

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