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FWcgen Image Gallery
Copyright 2004 by FLorida Webcrafters
All Rights Reserved

This program displays JPG files as an image gallery web page. Associated TXT files are displayed as picture captions. Two components are required, FWcgen.php and FWcgen.inc which contains user configuration data.

Set Up

Copy FWcgen.php and FWcgen.inc to your main web directory. Each image gallery can be displayed with a different configuration file. Simply make the desired configuration changes and save the changed file in the image gallery directory as FWcgen.inc.


Your reference in your web page should be of the format:
     <a href="http://yourdomain/FScgen.php?dir=imagedirectory">


$pgtitle : Page Title
$picsrow : Pictures/Row : number to display on 1 row. Default is 4.
$tbwidth : Table Cell Width in pixels. Default is 160.
$stylesheet : Stylesheet : Link tag to desired stylesheet. Default is "".
$bgcolor : Background Color : RGB values, include "#". Default is #ffffff (white).
$textcolor : Text Color : RGB values, include "#". Default is #000000 (black).
$exten : Picture Extension : File type, include ".". Default is .jpg.
$text : Text File Extension : File type, include ".". Default is .txt.

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