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	//new function_diagram(horizental dimention, vertical dimention, x start, x end,  background color_red_, background color_green_, 
	//						background color_blue_,  arc color_red_, arc color_green_, arc color_blue_, function, 
	//						calculation step, parameter to determine grid drawing);
	//---- a test, gets these parameters from index.html as a form . 
	$show=new integral_diagram($_POST["x"],$_POST["y"], $_POST["x_start"],$_POST["x_end"], $_POST["br"],$_POST["bg"],$_POST["bb"],$_POST["ar"],$_POST["ag"],$_POST["ab"],$_POST["eqx"],$_POST["step"],$_POST["hasgrid"]);
	//---- call draw mwthod of created object to get the diagram as a jbg file.
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