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Copyright (c) 2005, BENRUTH SOFTWARE CONSULTANCY ( www.benruth.com )
All rights reserved.

Version Stable Build 1.1
Last Updated 25 May 2005
Date Completed : 15 June 2004

Revision History

Version 1.0  15 Jun 2004
- Initial Release of the Instant Feed Writer, to automate the generation of XML/RSS files.

Version 1.1 25 May 2005
- Recovered source codes of 1.0 from old backup after a major server crash.
- Reworked the code to follow a MVC design pattern structure.
- Reworked code to allow public download and use on their servers.

Generate a downloadable RSS/XML compliant news feed! 

This script is for non-technical people using WYSIWYG page building tools or personal home page building systems. 

Let the online form guide you through the various information that you need to supply, and upon a click of the 
Generate Feed button, a copy/paste version as well as a ready formatted downloadable XML file is ready for your use! 


- Online script with plenty of help 
- Simple RSS/XML feed 
- Download as XML Channel file 
- View results for Copy/Pasting

You can edit the following file
- instantfeed.php
for customisation to your site's look and feel.

Just upload all php files into your webserver and invoke instantfeed.php to have the feed generator on your site
eg. http://www.yourdomain.com/instantfeed.php

A working example is found at

There would not be any technical assistance on this script. However you can pop a question or so to me at my
email ( ben AT benruth DOT com ). It is good to say hi!

You could visit my website at www.benruth.com

Thank you once again!


If somehow you think this script has helped you in some way, why not support the developer by donating any amount
to his paypal account ( ben AT benruth DOT com ). It will be very appreciated! :-)

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