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get moviedetails from the Internet Movie DataBase and save them in a local database

- Connection.php	the MySql db connection class
- Sql.php			class that contains all the sql queries used
- IMDBSearch.php	the application class

- lib-debug.php		easy debug functions for displaying values

- constanten.php	the usual config file
- init.php			includes and initiates the required files (including config values and classes)
- imdb.sql			sql file to create the required tables

- index.php			overview of the movies already stored in the local database
- movielist.txt		example list of movietitles that can be parsed by this application
- list.php			parses the movielist.txt file and adds all items that have 1 found record directly to the local db
					(if not already present)
					offers a choice when multiple records have been found
- new.php			is called from list.php if a user has clicked one of the 'multiple records'-options
					adds the chosen title to the local db
- test.php			takes a parameter (q) that can contain an imdb id or a movie title
					displays a formatted print_r of the array containing the found results
					used as an example of what IMDBSearch returns (for developers)
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