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		Remember to replace 'font file' with a real font filename
		$im->showTitle will split the string when it reaches 50 chars and display every chunk of text as a separate image
		Sorry about the vague explanations, but documentation it's not my thing.
		If you have problems getting the script to run, mail me at hide@address.com or buzz me on Yahoo. My ID is vvlladd
		As always, 
		Happy Coding!
	$im = new ImageTitle('font file', 'jpg', 20, '#ff0000', '#ffffff');
	$string  = 'Donec euismod accumsan diam. Ut pellentesque elementum enim! Cras egestas cursus nibh. Quisque tincidunt. Pellentesque semper lectus sit amet enim. Vivamus eget purus? Phasellus in mauris vel est cursus euismod. Sed fringilla, dui nec venenatis tincidunt, lacus massa accumsan justo; vitae dapibus mauris ipsum id nisl. Proin tellus pede, euismod a, lobortis vitae, dapibus et, neque. Pellentesque augue.';
	$im->showtitle($string, 50, 'style="display: block"');
	/*	<img src="/images_dir/string1.jpg" alt="full string" style="display: block" />
		<img src="/images_dir/string2.jpg" alt="full string" style="display: block" />
		<img src="/images_dir/string3.jpg" alt="full string" style="display: block" />
		<img src="/images_dir/string4.jpg" alt="full string" style="display: block" />
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