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// Hotlink Log and Image Watermarking Script
// Copyright (C) 2005  SillyJokes.co.uk


// action defines. Don't modify this.
define('ACTION_PASSTHROUGH',0);	// pass the image through without a watermark
define('ACTION_BLOCK',1);				// block the image. Send nothing.
define('ACTION_WATERMARK',2);		// watermark the image
define('ACTION_SUBSTITUTE',3);	// substitute the image with either the default or an image of choice.

// action names - must agree with defines - do not modify
$actionnames = array(
	'passed through','blocked','watermarked','substituted'
define('ONEDAY',86400);						// seconds in a day

// USER SETTINGS - edit to suit:

define('WRITELOG',TRUE);	// If true, log each hotlink event to the logfile specified below.

define('ENTRYTIMELIMIT',ONEDAY);	// log events older than this will not be processed. (in seconds)
define('FLUSHTIME',ONEDAY);				// log events older than this will be deleted from the log
																	// when hotlinklogflush.php is run. (in seconds)

define('LOGFILE','../logs/hotlink.log');						// filename of log file
define('COUNTERFILE','../logs/hotlinkcount.log');		// filename of counter file

// Set the default action here. This action is performed on the image if there is no match
// found in $referrerfilterlist.
// At the moment it's set to just pass images through without processing.
// Set to ACTION_WATERMARK to watermark images by default.

// Strings to check for in referrer, and the action to perform.
// more generic (and more likely) strings come first for an early match
// 'str' - a string which will be searched for in the referrer string.
// 'action' - that action to take if a match is found. See 'action defines' above.
// 'param' - optional parameter for action. For example, ACTION_SUBSTITUTE  will 
//					 use 'param' as the substitute image filename, overriding $defaultsubimage.
$referrerfilterlist = array(
	array('str'=>'forum',							'action'=>ACTION_WATERMARK),
	array('str'=>'blog',							'action'=>ACTION_WATERMARK),
	array('str'=>'showtopic',					'action'=>ACTION_WATERMARK),
	array('str'=>'viewtopic',					'action'=>ACTION_WATERMARK),
	array('str'=>'showthread',				'action'=>ACTION_WATERMARK),
	array('str'=>'message_topic',			'action'=>ACTION_WATERMARK),
	array('str'=>'/boards/',					'action'=>ACTION_WATERMARK),
	array('str'=>'/topic/',						'action'=>ACTION_WATERMARK),
	array('str'=>'myspace.com',				'action'=>ACTION_WATERMARK),
	array('str'=>'ultimatebb',				'action'=>ACTION_WATERMARK),
	array('str'=>'ubbthreads',				'action'=>ACTION_WATERMARK),
	array('str'=>'ezboard',						'action'=>ACTION_WATERMARK),
	array('str'=>'livejournal',				'action'=>ACTION_WATERMARK),
	array('str'=>'fark.com',					'action'=>ACTION_WATERMARK),
	array('str'=>'ebay.co',						'action'=>ACTION_WATERMARK),
	// examples of ACTION_SUBSTITUTE
	// Substitute default image ($defaultsubimage):
	// array('str'=>'westwindnet.com', 	'action'=>ACTION_SUBSTITUTE),
	// Substitute a specific image:
	// array('str'=>'westwindnet.com', 	'action'=>ACTION_SUBSTITUTE, 'param'=>'sausage.jpg'),


// default image to substitute
$defaultsubimage = 'bacon.jpg';

// which font and caption to use depending on hotlinked image width.
// 'font' refers to the fonts built in to PHP's graphics library (the imagestring() PHP function)
// if the width of the hotlinked image is less than the smallest in this table, the image is not watermarked.
$watermarksettings = array(
	array('width'=>170,	'font'=>3, 'caption'=>'(c) www.SillyJokes.co.uk'),
	array('width'=>124, 'font'=>1, 'caption'=>'(c) www.SillyJokes.co.uk'),
	array('width'=>75,	'font'=>1, 'caption'=>'(c) SillyJokes'),

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