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/* Idut Shop 1.0 (beta)
 * (c) 2008 Idut - www.idut.co.uk
 * config.php
$IS_CONFIG['username'] = "admin"; //A username to login to admin.php
$IS_CONFIG['password'] = "admin"; //A password to login to admin.php

$IS_CONFIG['rewrite_urls'] = false; //If you want nice looking URLs set this to true. You must use the HTACCESS file provided

$IS_CONFIG['db_already_connected'] = false; //Set this to true if you have a connection to your MySQL database already (like in a header file)

//The MySQL settings will be needed for admin.php regardless of whether db_already_connected is true or false
$IS_CONFIG['db_host'] = "localhost"; //MySQL host address
$IS_CONFIG['db_user'] = ""; //MySQL username
$IS_CONFIG['db_pass'] = ""; //MySQL password
$IS_CONFIG['db_database'] = ""; //MySQL database
$IS_CONFIG['db_table'] = "products"; //MySQL table to store product information

$IS_CONFIG['sandbox'] = true; //If this is set to true, the shop will use the Google Checkout Sandbox so you can test your system first. Change to "false" when ready to open your shop.
$IS_CONFIG['sandbox_merchantid'] = ""; //Your Google Checkout SANDBOX Merchant ID

$IS_CONFIG['merchantid'] = ""; //Your Google Checkout Merchant ID

$IS_CONFIG['location'] = "en_UK"; //Either "en_UK" or "en_US"

$IS_CONFIG['shop_name'] = "My Shop"; //Name of your shop
$IS_CONFIG['cart'] = "basket"; //What to call your cart/basket [default: basket]

$IS_CONFIG['intro_text'] = "Welcome to my shop! Check out our latest products.";

$IS_CONFIG['currency_code'] = "GBP"; //3 letter currency code like GBP or USD [default: GBP]
$IS_CONFIG['currency_symbol'] = "&pound;"; //Preceeding symbol of chosen currency [default: £]

$IS_CONFIG['shop_url'] = "http://www.example.com/shop/"; //URL of your shop (including trailing slash)

$IS_CONFIG['thumb_dir'] = "thumbs/"; //Directory for thumbnails (including trailing slash)
$IS_CONFIG['image_dir'] = "images/"; //Directory for large images (including trailing slash)

$IS_CONFIG['delivery_names'] = array("Pickup from our shop",
                                     "Royal Mail"); //Names of various delivery options

$IS_CONFIG['delivery_prices'] = array("0",
                                     "2.50"); //Prices of delivery corresponding to above options

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