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*	IceDice template class
*	http://icedice.org
*	php based template engine
*	email: icediceint at gmail dot com


class IDtpl {
	const _VER= '1.3'; //class version
	private $_tplPath= './'; //path for tpl directory
	private $_data= array(); //tpl variables
	private $_output= ''; //parsed output will be stored here
	private $_exec= 0; //parsing time
	private $_keep= false; //store or rewrite output

	//class constructor
	//$path - path for tpl directory
	public function __construct($path= '',$keep=false) {
		if (!empty($path) && substr($path, -1)<>'/')
			$path.= '/';
		if (is_dir($path))
			$this->_tplPath= $path;
		if ($keep) $this->_keep= true;
		return true;
	//return current time
	private function ETime() {
		$temp= explode(' ', microtime());
		return $temp[1] + $temp[0];
	//return tpl executing time, it's only for debugging purpose
	public function Exectime($round=4) {
		return round($this->_exec,$round);

	//define template variable that can be shown while parsing tpl file
	public function Define($key, $value, $rewrite=true) {
		if (!$this->isdefined($key) or $rewrite) {
			$this->_data[$key]= $value;
			return true;
		} else return false;
	//delete defined variable
	public function UnDefine($key) {
		return true;
	//clear all defined variables
	public function Clear() {
		$this->_data= array();
		return true;
	//check is var already defined
	public function IsDefined($key) {
		return (isset($this->_data[$key])) ? true : false;
	//check is there any defined variables at all
	public function IsEmpty() {
		return (empty($this->_data)) ? true : false;

	//parse template file and prepare output
	//$file - template file
	public function Template($file) {
		if (is_file($this->_tplPath.$file)) {
			$start= $this->etime();
			$d= &$this->_data;
			require $this->_tplPath.$file;
			if ($this->_keep)
				$this->_output.= ob_get_contents();
				$this->_output= ob_get_contents();
			$this->_exec += $this->etime()-$start;
			return true;
		die('<b>Can\'t load template file:</b> "'.$this->_tplPath.$file.'".');
		return false;

	//prints output on the screen
	public function Display() {
		echo $this->_output;
	//return stored output
	public function GetHtml() {
		return $this->_output;


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