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function printDetails(){
echo __('My contact info');
echo '<br />';
echo __('if you have any questions write email to', 'user');
echo ' : <b>crewce at gmail.com</b>';
echo '<br />';
echo __('My Name is', 'user');
echo ' : <b>Igor Crevar</b>';
echo '<br />';
echo __('My Blog URL is', 'user');
echo ' : <b><a href="http://www.extrafull.com/igorcrevar/" target="_blank">http://www.extrafull.com/igorcrevar/</a></b>';
echo '<br />';
echo __('I will be happy if someone actually use this.');
echo ' :) ';
echo '<br />';
echo __('If you do, please sent me an email or post a comment on blog');
echo '<br />';
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