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$thisPath = dirname(__FILE__).'/';
require_once dirname( $thisPath ).'/icI18n.class.php' ;

///set path for langs

//we want translations in german language - doesnt matter for this example really :)
$culture = 'de'; 
$oLang = new icI18nLanguage($culture);

//first time pick translations from php files inside pages dir
if ($oLang->isEmpty())
	echo '<br />Load all tokens which need to be translated from files.<br />';
$trans = $oLang->getTranslations();

//output all translations on screen

echo '<br /><br /><br />';	
echo 'If you want to edit translations go to '.($thisPath.'langs/'.$culture.'.xml').' edit xml file and than clear '.
($thisPath.'langs/cache').' directory';

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