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<title><?php echo($maindomain); ?> - Earn Instant Commissions Digital Products!</title>
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echo("<font color=\"red\"><b>System settings have been updated.</b></font><br><br>");
<a href="adminpanel.php">Click here to go back to control panel.</a><br><br>
<a href="logout.php">Click here to logout</a><br><br>
Please only edit the information below which you want to change & click save settings.<br><br>
<form action="adminchanged.php" method="post">
<b>Your Paypal Email Address</b><br><input type="text" name="paypal" value="<?php echo($_SESSION[paypal]); ?>"><br><br>
<b>Product Listing Fees</b> (in USD)<br><input type="text" name="listingfees" value="<?php echo($_SESSION[listingfees]); ?>"><br><br>
<b>Affiliate First Month Fees</b> (in USD)<br><input type="text" name="firstmonthafees" value="<?php echo($_SESSION[firstmonthafees]); ?>"><br><br>
<b>Affiliate Recurring Fees</b> (amount in USD which affiliates pay per 30 days to keep their affiliate account active)
<br><input type="text" name="afees" value="<?php echo($_SESSION[afees]); ?>"><br><br>
<b>Password</b><br><input type="password" name="pwd" value="<?php echo($_SESSION[pwd]); ?>"><br><br>
<b>Affiliate resources URL</b> (any site or page where affiliates can get help & helpful resources)<br><input type="text" name="aresources" value="<?php echo($_SESSION[aresources]); ?>"><br><br>
<b>Vendor resources URL</b> (any site or page where affiliates can get help & helpful resources)<br><input type="text" name="vresources" value="<?php echo($_SESSION[vresources]); ?>"><br><br>
<input type="submit" value="Save Settings">
<h2><i>Questions? Need Support? Visit <a href="<?php echo($mainurl); ?>/support" target="_blank">www.<?php echo($maindomain); ?>/support</a></h2>
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