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Below you will find the product details, please go through each field, especially check URLS of sales & thank you pages. Make sure they start with http:// & to approve 
the product simply put <b>yes</b> in active field & click on save settings. Please <b>make sure</b> every field is correct. 
<br><br>Do not forget to click on <b>NOTIFY VENDOR</b> link after you save settings to approve the product.
$pid = $_GET[pid];
$result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM products WHERE pid = '$pid'") or die(mysql_error());
$row = mysql_fetch_array($result);
$pname = $row[pname];
$pdesc = $row[pdesc];
$plink = $row[plink];
$price = $row[price];
$pcomm = $row[pcomm];
$vendor = $row[vendor];
$recurring = $row[recurring];
$pthanks = $row[pthanks];
$active = $row[active];
$rprice = $row[rprice];
$rmonths = $row[rmonths];
$csemail = $row[csemail];
$cswebsite = $row[cswebsite];
echo("<font color=\"red\"><b>Product details have been updated.</b></font><br><br>");
<form action="adminproductapprovedo.php?pid=<?php echo($_GET[pid]); ?>" method="post">
<b><?php echo($maindomain); ?> Product ID</b> (unique product identifier) is <?php echo($_GET[pid]); ?><br><br>
<b>Product Title</b> (as seen in the marketplace)<br><input type="text" name="pname" value="<?php echo($pname); ?>"><br><br>
<b>Product Description</b> (as seen in the marketplace)<br><input type="text" name="pdesc" value="<?php echo($pdesc); ?>"><br><br>
<b>Product Sales Page</b> (including http://)<br><input type="text" name="plink" value="<?php echo($plink); ?>"><br><br>
<b>Product Price</b> (in USD)<br><input type="text" name="price" value="<?php echo($price); ?>"><br><br>
<b>Product Commission</b> <br><input type="text" name="pcomm" value="<?php echo($pcomm); ?>"><br><br>
<b>Vendor</b> (<?php echo($maindomain); ?> ID)<br><input type="text" name="vendor" value="<?php echo($vendor); ?>"><br><br>
<b>Recurring Price</b> (after the sales price above) <br><input type="text" name="rprice" value="<?php echo($rprice); ?>"><br><br>
<b>Recurring For Months</b> (enter 0 for never ending subscription)<br><input type="text" name="rmonths" value="<?php echo($rmonths); ?>"><br><br>
<b>Product Thank You Page URL</b> (including http://)<br><input type="text" name="pthanks" value="<?php echo($pthanks); ?>"><br><br>
<b>Vendor Customer Service Email</b> (should be there)<br><input type="text" name="csemail" value="<?php echo($csemail); ?>"><br><br>
<b>Vendor Customer Service Website</b> (optional) <br><input type="text" name="cswebsite" value="<?php echo($cswebsite); ?>"><br><br>
<b>Approve Product</b> (yes to approve & set no to suspend)<br>
<select name="active"><option value="no">NO</option><option value="yes">YES</option></select>
<input type="submit" value="Save Settings">
<br><a href="notifyvendor.php?vendor=<?php echo($vendor); ?>&pid=<?php echo($pid); ?>" target="_blank">Approved the product? Click here to notify the vendor.</a>
<h2><i>Questions? Need Support? Visit <a href="<?php echo($mainurl); ?>/support" target="_blank">www.<?php echo($maindomain); ?>/support</a></h2>
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