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A major subrelease:
- Concatenate iCalcreator, utilityFunction and helper functions in iCalcreator.class.php file
- new functionality:
-- external time zone helper contributions:getTimezonesAsDateArrays
   (expandTimezoneDates) and getTzOffsetForDate functions
-- create and parse of rfc6321 XML
-- ms2phpTZ, mapping of MS outlook time zones to PHP
-- createComponent, sorting standard/daylight subComponents
- uppdates:
-- parsing dates with extended (MS outlook) time zones
-- returnCalendar, only create header 'content-length' when gziping output
-- _setDate _setDate2, setExdate, setRdate, utc offset management, Z-suffix
-- createTimezone (_setTZrrule), fixing from/to UTC offset and rdate(-s)
-- checking x-props names, start with 'x-'/'X-'
-- parse, management of list content in TEXT properties
-- all rfc5545 parameters with 'DQUOTE' settings
-- transformDateTime, accepting input date in array format
-- property ATTACH and large file attachments
- fixed bugs:
-- selectComponents, (continue if) missing dtstart
-- selectComponents: long 'event' starting before period
-- getProperty, management of properties with multiple ocurrences
-- _tz2offset, plus/minus error
-- getConfig, 'directory' or 'filename' couldn't accept '0' (zero)
-- _size75, correct line break when property content ends with '0' at pos 76-- 
-- _setRexrule, UNTIL in DATE format
-- ATTENDEE, parsing error
-- setFREEBUSY, empty property
-- set/create RELATED-TO mgnt
-- update of PRODID when (re-)setting 'unique_id'
- updated using manual
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