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Because i18n_php is derived from stphp, this log lists the changes made to that product to create i18n_php.

  Various changes were made to upgrade the software from PHP3 to PHP 4, including the removal of the "3" from the end of the file extensions.

  The facility to store data in an SQL database was added.

  The file rfc1766.class.php was included in this project from LanguageSys.  Reference calls to this class were added.

  The code was incorporated into OO classes.

Version 1.0.1
  The file cnx_18n.inc was added to provide a place for specifying database connections parameters.

  The name of the table for translation was made a variable which is to be specified in cnx_18n.inc.

  Example.php now shows how to get a change of language to be reflected immediately.
Version 1.0.2
  Files ending in ".inc" have been changed to ".inc.php" for security enhancement.  Code referencing these file have been changed also.
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