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=== HyperComments ===

Contributors: HyperComments
Donate link: http://hypercomments.com/
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Requires at least: 1.1.2
Tested up to: 1.1.2
Stable tag: 1.1.2

The HyperComments technology replaces your WordPress comment system with your comments hosted and powered by HyperComments
<br />

== Description ==

Unlike traditional comment systems, HyperComments allows to comment on a specific word or text fragment. 

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HuzmlQnOmc /]

**Presentation:**<br />

**How Hypercomments work:**<br />
<li>Reader selects a word or a fragment of text that caught his attention and comments on it.</li>
<li>The fragment is now highlighted and clickable. And it draws more attention of your readers.</li>
<li>HyperComments will engage your audience in a discussion and encourage them to comment more.</li>
**Benefits for web-site owners:**<br />
<li>Interactive content</li>
<li>Comments that are in the context</li>
<li>Your readers contribute to your content</li>
<li>Increased commenting activity</li>
<li>"Hot zones" visualized</li>
<li>Comments cross-posted to social networks</li>

**Benefits for your readers:**<br />
<li>Interaction with the text</li>
<li>Commenting on what got you really interested</li>
<li>Other readers "Hot zones" show where discussions stir</li>
<li>Live Interaction with other readers</li>
<li>Comments cross-posted to social networks</li>

= HyperComments Features =
<li>Commenting on a text fragment </li>
<li>Real-time Conversation</li>
<li>HyperComments are indexed by search engines</li>
<li>Import/Export of existing comments</li>
<li>No registration required</li>
<li>Social integration (authorization with social network and re-posting)</li>
<li>RSS live feed</li>
<li>Anti spam protection </li>
<li>Whitelist / blacklist</li>
<li>Real-time comments moderation</li>
= HyperComments plug-in for WordPress =

Hypercomments plug-in is a quickie widget installation for WordPress. The plug-in will replace all the standard comments, which you can bring back anytime, for the new HyperComments. Restoring the linear pre-HyperComments, the plug-in is rendered inactive until further interacted with.

    Comments made indexable for search engines (SEO-friendly)
    Existing comments importing supported

== Installation ==

**NOTE: It is recommended that you backup your database before installing the plug-in.**

1. Download and unpack archive to 'wp-content/plugins/' directory inside of WordPress
2. All extracted files should exist in 'wp-content/plugins/hypercomments/'
3. Сlick on “Activate” in the admin panel WordPress - > Plugins-> Hypercomments 
4. “Customize Hypercomments” notification will appear
5. Authorize with Google account
6. If you are not registered in hypercomments.com, you will need to choose a Tariff plan

**Moderation of comments.**

You can find an admin panel for comments moderation in Wordperss->Comments->Hypercomments 

**Import your comments to HyperComments for not losing existing ones.**

In admin panel WordPress->Tools->Export choose “All content”, and download the file.
Choose Wordpress  in hypercomments.com/ru/settings/import and download the file.
Go to [http://hypercomments.com](http://hypercomments.com)
* Visit http://hypercomments.com/en/site/contact for help from our support team.

== Screenshots ==

1. Reader selects a text fragment and click on the "Comment" button
2. Write a comment
3. The fragment will be highlighted and then becomes clickable and more attractive. Hypercomments will attract attention of new readers and commentators.

== Changelog ==
bugs fixed<br />


Improved synchronization of users<br />
Improved synchronization comments<br />


bugs fixed<br />
improved comments import<br />
added comments import via hypercomments.com if site's root  is in the subdirectory<br />


Improved import of comments<br />
Improved synchronization of comments<br />


Improved the search engine optimization


Avatar sync added


Added synchronization of users<br />
Added synchronization comments<br />


Bug fixed 


Logic of comments displaying has been changed<br />
Added management of comments dispaying on pages<br />
Added display of comments on static pages<br />


Was added the ability to leave comments on a page with post list


Bug with counter comments fixed 


The problem with commentary import was fixed

= HyperComments Features =

1. Commenting on a text fragment 
2. Real-time comments
3. Comments indexable by search engines
4. Import/Export of existing comments 
5. No registration is required
6. Social integration (authorisation and cross-posting of comments)
7. RSS option
8. Anti spam protection 
9. Whitelist / blacklist
10. Real-time moderation

== Upgrade Notice ==

== Frequently Asked Questions ==
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