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htmLawed change-log

**** 1.2.beta.2, 9 June 2013 release ****

Support for new (HTML5) element: main

Support for HTML5's custom data-* attributes

Checks that the value of config. parameter 'unique_ids' does not have a non-word character

The value attribute of li, border of img, and start and type of ol are no longer considered as deprecated

**** 1.2.beta.1, 2 June 2013 release ****

Support for new (HTML5) element: hgroup

Corrected checking for child elements allowed within a to comply with HTML5 specification

**** 1.2.beta, 26 May 2013 release ****

Support for new (HTML5) elements: article, aside, audio, bdi, canvas, command, data, datalist, details, figcaption, figure, footer, header, keygen, mark, meter, nav, output, progress, section, source, summary, time, track, video, wbr (of these, audio, canvas, and video are considered 'unsafe' elements)

Support for these existing (HTML4 'head') elements: link, meta and style (for use within HTML 'body')

Changes in handling of previously supported elements, for compliance with current HTML(5) specification: embed, menu, and u are no longer deprecated (i.e., no tag transformation [when enforced]); acronym will get tag-transformed to abbr; big will get tag-transformed to span (with font-size:larger) and tt will get tag-transformed to code; address is not allowed within address; embed is not allowed with a or button; a is no longer considered an inline element

Global attributes, for compliance with current HTML(5) specification: many new global attributes, including inert and translate, 35 WAI-ARIA attibutes like aria-busy, and the 5 item* attributes like itemscope for microdata specification; accesskey, tabindex, xml:space and xmlns are now global attributes; previous restrictions on global attributes (e.g., id not allowed in script) are removed; now 54 instead of 10 event attributes like onclick and oncuechange; the id attribute is now allowed to have any value, as long as it is unique (when enforced), is not an empty string, and does not contain space characters

Support for new or previously deprecated attributes of previously supported elements, for compliance with current HTML(5) specification -- a: download, media, ping, target; area: hreflang, media, rel, target, type; button, input: formaction, formenctype, formmethod, formnovalidate, formtarget; button, input, select, textarea: autofocus, required; button, fieldset, input, label, object, select, textarea: form; embed: hspace, vspace; fieldset: disabled, name; form: novalidate; iframe: sandbox, seamless, srcdoc; img: crossorigin; input: autocomplete, height, list, max, min, multiple, pattern, step, width; input, textarea: dirname, placeholder; menu: type, label; object: typemustmatch; ol: reversed; script: async, type; textarea: maxlength, wrap

Support for new values for the type attribute of input: tel, search, url, email, datetime, date, month, week, time, datetime-local, number, range, color.

Functions kses() and kses_hook() have been removed.
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