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 * Description of wrapper class Html2pcl                                                                           *
 * This class is used to produce .PCL and .PS file from HTML file                                                  *
 * @Author      : Nurul Ferdous                                                                                    *
 * Version      : 1.0.0                                                                                            *
 * Date         : 16 Dec 2008                                                                                      *
 * License      : Freeware                                                                                         *
 * Dependancy-1: html2ps package, you may get it from here: http://user.it.uu.se/~jan/html2ps.html                 *
 * you may install it from terminal by typing "sudo apt-get install html2ps" withpcl quote in kubuntu (in my case) *
 * html2ps uses perl                                                                                               *
 * Dependancy-2: Ghostscript, you may get it from here: http://pages.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost/                           *
 * Download it and run "make" command from terminal. you have to download and run exe installer if you use Windows *
 * The ps_output directory is used to store .ps files which are used to generate smaller sized pcl file            *
 * keep in your mind that you should have write permission in "pcl_output" directory                               *
class Html2pcl {

    public $device = 'laserjet'; //alternatively you may use 'epson' etc as printers
    public $paperSize = 'a4'; //alternative you may use 'letter' etc as papersize

    function __construct(){
        //checking whether the directory named "out" already exists or not
            mkdir("./pcl_output", 0755);

        //checking whether the directory named "ps_output" already exists or not
            mkdir("./ps_output", 0755);

    function __destruct(){
        //Clearing file status cache

    function isWinServer()
        return !(strpos(strtoupper($_SERVER['SERVER_SOFTWARE']), 'WIN32') === false);

    //please don't use $htmlFileName without "http://" rather use like this "http://www.google.com"
    //please use $pclFileName without the extension like "google"
    function makePCL($htmlFileName, $pclFileName){
        $file = './pcl_output/'.$pclFileName.'.pcl';
            //checking whether the file name given as parameter is already exists or not
                exec("perl html2ps $htmlFileName > ./ps_output/".$pclFileName.".ps");
                exec("gs -sDEVICE={$this->device} -sPAPERSIZE={$this->paperSize} -sOutputFile=./pcl_output/$pclFileName.pcl -dNOPAUSE -q ./ps_output/$pclFileName.ps -c quit");
                exec("html2ps $htmlFileName > ./ps_output/".$pclFileName.".ps");
                exec("gs -sDEVICE={$this->device} -sPAPERSIZE={$this->paperSize} -sOutputFile=./pcl_output/$pclFileName.pcl -dNOPAUSE -q ./ps_output/$pclFileName.ps -c quit");
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