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	/*remember every opening tag must have a closing tag
	 *closing a tag with close(), points to the previous tag 
	 * */
	/*remove the comment to view as xml*/
	$html=new html('html');
		   head->title->text('HTML Example')->close()/*close titlr*/
		   ->close();/*close head*/	

		 ->div->style('font-size:50px;')->text('I AM DIV')->close()/*close div*/
         ->div->id('formHolder')->close()/*close div*/ 
		 ->div->class('formHolder')->close()/*close div*/ 
		 ->div->title('titlename')->close();/*close div*/ 
	$html->h1->id('h1')->style('color:red;')->text('I AM H1')->close();	 
	$form=new html('form');
	/*to check the example remove the comment one by one*/
	/* search for tag
	 * find ([tagname])
	 * */

	/* search for id
	 * find (#[idName])
	 * */
	/* search for class
	 * find (.[className])
	 * */
	/* search for any other attributes
	 * find (&[attributeName])
	 * */
	 * search with attribute value
	 * find('attributeName','attributeValue')
	 * insert(object,true or false(by default false))
	 * true means insert the object befor the current tag gets closed
	 * false (which is default) inserts just after the current tag

	 * if find doesn't find any matches it will point to the current tag
  $html->find('h1')->text(null)/*clears the text for current tag*/		 
				   ->text('I m new Text')/*again set the new text*/
				   ->style(null)/*deletes the attribute with name style*/
				   ->id(null)/*deletes the attribute with name id*/
				   ->id('newH1')/*again set the new attribute id*/
				   ->style('color:blue;') /*again set the color to blue for h1*/
				   ->clearAttribute('style')/*clear style attribute values*/
				   ->alterTag('H6')	/*chage the tag name h1 to h6*/
	echo $html;
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