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Free Edition
(C) Data Components Software Development

Firstly, thank you for downloading this copy of HostBuilder.

-- What is HostBuilder? --
	HostBuilder is web-based homepage community software made and designed for allotting webspace to users and members for free. HostBuilder has specific modules made to help accommodate free webspace providers.

-- Installation --
	To install HostBuilder, simply upload all of the files onto a PHP-enabled server running under a Linux-based operating system and run the "install.php" file. We recommend after following instructions from the "install.php" file, you remove the "install.php" file from the server to prevent hacking. Although the "install.php" file deactivates itself once it notices HostBuilder is configured, this will help stop the risk fully.

-- Structure --
	HostBuilder is built to work on almost any PHP-enabled web server. We recommend using Linux over Windows since HostBuilder was written for Linux servers, but Windows could work too.
	HostBuilder doesn't require a MySQL database nor any database as a frontend. HostBuilder uses flat-files to store data. Don't worry about hackers, because your password is protected with the impenetrable MD5 encryption.

-- Files --
The files below are all required for HostBuilder to work:
	accounts.db - Accounts database
	admin.functions.php - Administration module functions
	admin.php - Administration module
	config.inc - HostBuilder configuration (CREATED UPON INSTALLATION)
	directory.php - Member directory
	file.png - File icon
	footer.inc - Forced Footer Ad upon member HTML pages
	footer.txt - Footer Ad within the Account Manager
	functions.php - Account Manager functions
	groups.db - Groups/Categories database
	header.inc - Forced Header Ad upon member HTML pages
	header.txt - Header Ad within the Account Manager
	install.php - Installation program
	manager.php - Account Manager
	signup.php - Sign Up module
	terms.inc - Terms and Conditions displayed in Sign Up

You may use these files to help build the keystone for your web host. If one of these files is deleted, HostBuilder will not work correctly.

-- Support --
Need help with HostBuilder? Got a question, comment, quote, haiku? Let us know at: http://scripts.datacomponents.net/forums/ .
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