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/* Include req'd file */

/* Set us up the bomb, neh. */
$myfile = new HitsCounter('justafile.txt');
$otherfile = new HitsCounter('justafile.txt');
<title>hitscounter test</title>
<h1>hitscounter test</h1>
<p> Link with counter:
<?php $myfile->printdownloadlink('Insane long text file', true); ?>
<p> Link without counter:
<?php $myfile->printdownloadlink('Insane long text file', false); ?>
<p> Link with no title (but has counter):
<?php $myfile->printdownloadlink('', true); ?>
<p> Just the count:
<?php $myfile->printcount(); ?>
<p>With download resume:
<?php $otherfile->printdownloadlink('', true, true); ?>
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