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include "authheader.php";
if($block == false){

include 'header.php';

<td colspan=3 align=center>

$iswrite = $_POST['what'];
if($iswrite == "write")
    echo "<font color=green><b>filters have been updated</b></font>";    
    $str = $_POST['filters'];
    $file = fopen('fil.php',w);
    $ara = explode("\n",$str);
    fwrite($file, "<?php \n\n");
    for($yy=0; $yy<count($ara);$yy++)
	$xxa = $ara[$yy];
	$xxa = trim($xxa);
           if($xxa != "")
	    fwrite($file, "$"."asi[$yy] = \"$xxa\";");
    fwrite($file, $ara[$yy]);
    fwrite($file, "\n?>");

include "fil.php";

<table bgcolor=dfdff0 align=center style="padding: 10px; border:2px red groove;
        font-family: arial, verdana, san-serif; font-size: 14px;">
<form name=fil method=post action="<?php echo "$PHP_SELF"; ?>">
<tr><td></td><td>Add/Edit Filters .....<br>
 <textarea name=filters rows=15 cols=50><?php
  for($xx=0; $xx<count($asi); $xx++)
    $word = $asi[$xx];
    echo "$word \n"; 

<tr><td colspan=2 align=right>
<input type=hidden value=write name=what>
<input type='submit' value="create"> </td></tr>
<td colspan=2>Note: You wont get the messages Containing these Words </td>


include "footer.php";

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