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This software is developed and copyrighted by HIOX Softwares.
This is given under The GNU General Public License (GPL).
This version is HSP 1.0

a) Web Based customer support Form Mail script
b) Configurable Look and Feel - you can change the colors of background, text, form 
c) Validation of user input for name and message.
d) Admin option to create filters/block spam mails.
e) Admin option to change username and password.
f) Automatically detects your site home page and assign it to the header site name.
g) Simple to integrate this page in any website that supports php.

Linux or Windows server (it *should* work on any server with PHP support) 
PHP 4.3.x or high.

Please take 5 minutes time and read installation instructions carefully and completely! This will ensure a proper and easy installation.

 1)Unzip HSP.zip.
 2)Open file HSP /color.php in your favorite PLAIN TEXT editor (like Notepad or Wordpad on Windows systems, DO NOT use MS Word or similar editor) and set these variables:
Variables                  Description/Setup
$HEADCOLOR        Change the color of the head by changing this variable
$BOXCOLOR         Change the color of the box by changing this variable
$BODYCOLOR        Change the color of the body by changing this variable
$FONTCOLOR        Change the color of the font by changing this variable
$email            Change the email address changing this variable
$sitename         Change to website name of your choice
 3)Open the admin/about.php file in your web server, click on the option password on top to set the administrator user name, password,  
 4)Click on the option filter, to set the filters for the message.
 5)Set read,write permission for fil.php and passwo.php to create filter(only for linux users).
 6)Go to the page HSP /feedback.php.

Trouble shooting:
  If forgot the password 
    1)Open the file admin/ passwo.php.
    2)Clear the fields $user, $pass to look like $user="";, $pass="";. 
    3)Now you can type in a new password from the about.php page.
    4)Please don’t do it in passwo.php, since the $pass field  has an ecrypted password.

   If you have any issues with the code, please open the file HSP/admin/about.php, click on the option “Report” to go to feedback page of Hscripts.com to give feedback

What you can do for us:
   If you use HIOX Software’s free scripts or any portion of the code, a link to Hscripts.com will be on your website. We believe it is a fair trade for a free script/code. Please don’t remove the link. It will of great help to us.

On any suggestions, mail to us at hide@address.com

For detailed License information can be found in http://hscripts.com/license/hioxlicense.html

Visit us at http://www.hscripts.com
Visit us at http://www.hiox.com
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