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<title>Translate English word into Hieroglyphics</title>


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<h2>Translate English word into Hieroglyphics</h2><br />

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      <span class="FirstChar">R</span>oyality is made affordable, and within your reach. 
      Now you can have The Royal Cartouche custome made in Egypt in 18 Kt. Gold with your
      name translated and inscribed in Hieroglyphic.<br /><br />
      Originally, the Cartouche was worn only by the Pharaohs or Kings
      of Egypt. The Pharaoh was considered a living God and his Cartouche
      was his insignia. The "Magical Oval" in which the Pharaoh's first name
      was written was intended to protect him from evil spirits both while he
      lived and in the afterworld when entombed.<br /><br />

      Over the past 5000 years the Cartouche has become a universal symbol
      of long life, good luck and protection from any evil.<br /><br />

        <span class="Quote">Live the legend, feel the magic of history, treat
        yourself to a treasure!!</span>

      Now you can acquire this ancient pendent handmade in Egypt from pure
      18 Karat Egyptian gold with your name spelled out in the same way as
      King Tut, Ramses, Queen Nefertiti did.<br /><br />

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