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<title>License - Health Tip Buddy v.1.3</title>
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<h1>License -  Health Tip Buddy v.1.3</h1>

<p>Health Tip Buddy v.1.3 from www.My-Health-and-Fitness.org is free to download and use. You may modify the program for your own use only. You <strong>may not, however, distribute for free or sell the Program or any modifications to the Program.</strong></p>
<p>You may use the program on as many web pages or web sites as you like. The Program is provided without warranty of any kind, and Implied By Design LLC. is in no way liable for any damage or loss which occurs as a result of using this program.</p>
<p><strong>&copy; 2006 <a href="http://wwww.my-health-and-fitness.org">www.My-Health-and-Fitness.org</a></strong></p>
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