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Hi there,

first of all consider this: 

don't forget to modify host and path variables for your 
remote connection to the remote server in the class 
"clientConfiguration", the path to the xml 
file is to be set in the class "clientXMLFile" and use 
the file "sql.txt" to create database and tables for this 
application, user and password and account_id are 
shown below (a new account id has to be set in the 
file "restclient.php"). The IP address you maybe have  
to adjust in database table, it is set to 
Attention: The xml file has to be set read- and writable 
on the remote server, and also consider that the 
name of the file is secured by substr() to ensure that 
no other xml file can be opened - ergo change the number 
of the position (00) corresponding to the xml class name 
in the class "clientXMLFile"!

With my best regards

Claudio Biesele
FAST!project 2008, Zurich, Switzerland


Login data to access remote server (already set in db table!)

User: userwants
Password: topass
Account Id: ksvLEztFnyPf3
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