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To the relevant personnel of %ABUSE_DOMAIN%:

We at %DOMAIN% are writing to inform you of specific activities
perpetrated by one or more of your clients or other persons accessing
our website through IP Address %ABUSE_IP% registered to %ABUSE_DOMAIN%
(as determined by %IP_INFO_SOURCE%). We have taken action as we
have deemed necessary to stem their immediate activities by blocking
their IP Address range from accessing our website.  We would appreciate
your assistance in preventing future occurrences of such actions,
which result in inevitable inconveniences for both our website and
the remainder of your clients.

We are compelled to relate this to you as the abuse takes the form of
probing attacks where the abuser looks for weaknesses and vulnerabilities
in the website software so as to take advantage.  Since this is often an
immediate predecessor to fraud which then entails law enforcement, we
report to you in the hopes of avoiding future litigation.

Please feel free to contact us at email address [%SOURCE_EMAIL%]
with any questions or requests.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and assistance in this
matter, and hope we can resolve this quickly and to the satisfaction of
all involved parties.

  Website Administrator at %DOMAIN%


IP Abuse Report: The following IPs under your responsibility engaged in
vandalism to %DOMAIN% on the specified Date and Time (all times are GMT):


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