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//This is your domain name, no slashes or http needed
$mydomain = "yourdomain.com";

//The url of the site followed by a trailing slash /
$url = "http://www.yourdomain.com/";

//The url to go to after the user successfully sends a message
$thankyou = "http://www.yourdomain.com/";

//The url to go to if the spam keywords are hit
$spammer = "http://www.disney.com";

//This is the company name
$company = "Your Company";

//This is the subject line that will be displayed in the message as it is recieved  in email.
$subject = "Contact Form";

//This is the email address that the contact form will be sent to.
$reciever = "hide@address.com";

//This is the acknowledgment subject line
$reply_subject = "Thank you!";

//This is the reply letting the folks know you recieved their message.  It is in standard html format
$confirmmsg = '


<TITLE>Thank you!</TITLE>


<DIV ALIGN="center">
      <TD WIDTH="100%"><FONT FACE="Arial"><B>Your Site Contact</B></FONT>
        <P><FONT FACE="Arial">Thank you for contacting My Site.&nbsp; We have recieved your information and will get back with
        you in no more than 2 business days. Thank you and have a wonderful day.</FONT></P>
        <P><FONT FACE="Arial"><FONT COLOR="#008080"><B><I>My Site</I></B></FONT><BR>
        <I><FONT COLOR="#800000" SIZE="1" FACE="Arial"><B>' . $url . '</B></FONT></I></FONT></TD>



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