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Graphical Navigation Bar Example By Mehdi Safavy For PHPclasses.org Members
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$Navigator = New navigator();				
$Navigator->DistancePages = 4;
$Navigator->PerPageRows = 20;

$offset=(!$_GET[offset])?0:$_GET[offset];//only for test
$numberOfrows=200;//only for test.this is your sql rows count

echo "<table width=100% height='60%'>
           <td width='80%' bgcolor='#d0d0d0' align='center'>
              Example Sql May Be Like This:<br>
               SELECT * FROM product WHERE 				
				AND product.publish='Y'				
				ORDER BY list_order ASC				
				LIMIT <span style='background:#0099FF'> $offset,".$Navigator->PerPageRows."</span>
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