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Class: Grab Gmail
This class grabs contact list from your Gmail addressbook

Here's how it works:

- Takes your gmail login and password
- Connects to gmail using the given login and password
- Retrieves contact list if the connection is successful for valid login information
- Parses the retrieved data
- Filters that data and takes it to an asociative array of "email"=>"name" format as well as to a table


This class depends on Gmail's services. If Gmail changes the services (that are being accessed here), this class
will fail to retrieve data. In that case, it needs to be modified according to Gmail's changes. The author is
not bound to provide any such modification that's only under Gmail's control. The author may give some modifications
according to Gmail's change(if that change accessible and implementable).

And Me:
I am a hardcore C/C++ and PHP programmer. I enjoy my times in implementing varities of freelancing works. 

Please rate this class if you like and if it comes to your needs. Please feel free to contact me for 
any suggestion and/or further assistance regarding the technique and its implementation.

MA Razzaque Rupom
Moderator, phpResource Group
My Blog : http://www.rupom.info
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