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 Google XML Sitemaps Generator for WordPress
 This generator will create a sitemaps.org compliant sitemap of your WordPress blog.
 Currently homepage, posts, static pages, categories, archives and author pages are supported.
 The priority of a post depends on its comments. You can choose the way the priority
 is calculated in the options screen.
 Feel free to visit my website under www.arnebrachhold.de or contact me at
 himself [at] arnebrachhold [dot] de
 Have fun! 
 1. Upload the full directory into your wp-content/plugins directory
 2. Make your blog directory writeable OR create two files called sitemap.xml 
    and sitemap.xml.gz and make them writeable via CHMOD In most cases, your blog directory is already writeable.
 2. Activate it in the Plugin options
 3. Edit or publish a post or click on Rebuild Sitemap on the Sitemap Administration Interface
 Additional contributors:
 Inspiration            Michael Nguyen      http://www.socialpatterns.com/
 SQL Improvements       Rodney Shupe        http://www.shupe.ca/
 Japanse Lang. File     Hirosama            http://hiromasa.zone.ne.jp/
 Spanish lang. File     Omi                 http://equipajedemano.info/
 Italian lang. File     Stefano Aglietti    http://wordpress-it.it/
 Trad.Chinese  File     Kirin Lin           http://kirin-lin.idv.tw/
 Simpl.Chinese File     june6               http://www.june6.cn/
 Swedish Lang. File     Tobias Bergius      http://tobiasbergius.se/
 Czech Lang. File       Peter Kahoun        http://kahi.cz
 Finnish Lang. File     Olli Jarva          http://kuvat.blog.olli.jarva.fi/ 
 Belorussian Lang. File Marcis Gasuns
 Bulgarian Lang. File   Alexander Dichev    http://dichev.com
 Thanks to all contributors and bug reporters! There were much more people involved 
 in testing this plugin and reporting bugs, either by email or in the WordPress forums.
 Unfortunately I can't maintain a whole list here, but thanks again to everybody not listed here!
 Release History:
 2005-06-05     1.0     First release
 2005-06-05     1.1     Added archive support
 2005-06-05     1.2     Added category support
 2005-06-05     2.0a    Beta: Real Plugin! Static file generation, Admin UI
 2005-06-05     2.0     Various fixes, more help, more comments, configurable filename
 2005-06-07     2.01    Fixed 2 Bugs: 147 is now _e(strval($i)); instead of _e($i); 344 uses a full < ?php instead of < ?
                        Thanks to Christian Aust for reporting this :)
 2005-06-07     2.1     Correct usage of last modification date for cats and archives  (thx to Rodney Shupe (http://www.shupe.ca/))
                        Added support for .gz generation
                        Fixed bug which ignored different post/page priorities
                        Should support now different wordpress/admin directories
 2005-06-07     2.11    Fixed bug with hardcoded table table names instead of the $wpd vars
 2005-06-07     2.12    Changed SQL Statement of the categories to get it work on MySQL 3 
 2005-06-08     2.2     Added language file support:
                        - Japanese Language Files and code modifications by hiromasa (http://hiromasa.zone.ne.jp/)
                        - German Language File by Arne Brachhold (http://www.arnebrachhold.de)
 2005-06-14     2.5     Added support for external pages
                        Added support for Google Ping
                        Added the minimum Post Priority option
                        Added Spanish Language File by César Gómez Martín (http://www.cesargomez.org/)
                        Added Italian Language File by Stefano Aglietti (http://wordpress-it.it/)
                        Added Traditional Chine Language File by Kirin Lin (http://kirin-lin.idv.tw/)
 2005-07-03     2.6     Added support to store the files at a custom location
                        Changed the home URL to have a slash at the end
                        Required admin-functions.php so the script will work with external calls, wp-mail for example
                        Added support for other plugins to add content to the sitemap via add_filter()
 2005-07-20     2.7     Fixed wrong date format in additional pages
                        Added Simplified Chinese Language Files by june6 (http://www.june6.cn/)
                        Added Swedish Language File by Tobias Bergius (http://tobiasbergius.se/)
 2006-01-07     3.0b    Added different priority calculation modes and introduced an API to create custom ones
                        Added support to use the Popularity Contest plugin by Alex King to calculate post priority
                        Added Button to restore default configuration
                        Added several links to homepage and support
                        Added option to exclude password protected posts
                        Added function to start sitemap creation via GET and a secret key
                        Posts and pages marked for publish with a date in the future won't be included
                        Improved compatiblity with other plugins
                        Improved speed and optimized settings handling
                        Improved user-interface
                        Recoded plugin architecture which is now fully OOP
 2006-01-07     3.0b1   Changed the way for hook support to be PHP5 and PHP4 compatible
                        Readded support for tools like w.Bloggar
                        Fixed "doubled-content" bug with WP2
                        Added xmlns to enable validation
 2006-03-01     3.0b3   More performance
                        More caching
                        Better support for Popularity Contest and WP 2.x
 2006-11-16     3.0b4   Fixed bug with option SELECTS
                        Decreased memory usage which should solve timeout and memory problems
                        Updated namespace to support YAHOO and MSN
 2007-01-19     3.0b5   Javascripted page editor
                        WP 2 Design
                        YAHOO notification
                        New status report, removed ugly logfiles
                        Better Popularity Contest Support
                        Fixed double backslashes on windows systems
                        Added option to specify time limit and memory limit
                        Added option to define a XSLT stylesheet and added a default one
                        Fixed bug with sub-pages. Thanks to:
                        - Mike Baptiste (http://baptiste.us),
                        - Peter Claus Lamprecht (http://fastagent.de)
                        - Glenn Nicholas (http://publicityship.com.au)
                        Improved file handling, thanks to VJTD3 (http://www.VJTD3.com)
                        WP 2.1 improvements
 2007-01-23     3.0b6   Use memory_get_peak_usage instead of memory_get_usage if available
                        Removed the usage of REQUEST_URI since it not correct in all environments
                        Fixed that sitemap.xml.gz was not compressed
                        Added compat function "stripos" for PHP4 (Thanks to Joseph Abboud!)
                        Streamlined some code
 2007-05-17     3.0b7   Added option to include the author pages like /author/john
                        Small enhancements, removed stripos dependency and the added compat function
                        Added check to not build the sitemap if importing posts
                        Fixed missing domain parameter for translator name
                        Fixed WP 2.1 / Pre 2.1 post / pages database changes
                        Fixed wrong XSLT location (Thanks froosh)
                        Added Ask.com notification
                        Removed unused javascript
 2007-07-22     3.0b8   Changed category SQL to prevent unused cats from beeing included
                        Plugin will be loaded on "init" instead of direclty after the file has been loaded.
                        Added support for robots.txt modification
                        Switched YAHOO ping API from YAHOO Web Services to the "normal" ping service which doesn't require an app id
                        Search engines will only be pinged if the sitemap file has changed
 2007-09-02     3.0b9   Added tag support for WordPress 2.3
                        Now using post_date_gmt instead of post_date everywhere
                        Fixed archive bug with static pages (Thanks to Peter Claus Lamprecht)
                        Fixed some missing translation domains, thanks to Kirin Lin!
                        Added Czech translation files for 2.7.1, thanks to Peter Kahoun (http://kahi.cz)
 2007-09-04     3.0b10  Added category support for WordPress 2.3
                        Fixed bug with empty URLs in sitemap
                        Repaired GET building
                        Added more info on debug mode
 2007-09-23     3.0b11  Changed mysql queries to unbuffered queries
                        Uses MUCH less memory
                        Fixed really stupid bug with search engine pings
                        Option to set how many posts will be included
 2007-09-24     3.0     Yeah, 3.0 Final after one and a half year ;)
                        Removed useless functions
 2007-11-03     3.0.1   Using the Snoopy HTTP client for ping requests instead of wp_remote_fopen
                        Fixed undefined translation strings
                        Added "safemode" for SQL which doesn't use unbuffered results (old style)
                        Added option to run the building process in background using wp-cron
                        Removed unnecessary function_exists, Thanks to user00265
                        Added links to test the ping if it failed.
 2007-11-25     3.0.2   Fixed bug which caused that some settings were not saved correctly
                        Added option to exclude pages or post by ID
                        Restored YAHOO ping service with API key since the other one is to unreliable. (see 3.0b8)
 2007-11-28 Fixed wrong XML Schema Location (Thanks to Emanuele Tessore)
                        Added Russian Language files by Sergey http://ryvkin.ru
 2007-12-30     3.0.3   Added Live Search Ping
                        Removed some hooks which rebuilt the sitemap with every comment
 2008-03-30 Added compatibility CSS for WP 2.5
 2008-04-28 Improved WP 2.5 handling
 2008-04-29 Fixed author pages
                        Enhanced background building and increased delay to 15 seconds
                        Background building is enabled by default
 2008-04-28     3.1b1   Reorganized files in builder, loader and UI
                        Added 2 step loader so only code that's needed will be loaded
                        Improved WP 2.5 handling
                        Secured all admin actions with nonces
 2008-05-18     3.1b2   Fixed critical bug with the build in background option
                        Added notification if a build is scheduled
 2008-05-19     3.1b3   Cleaned up plugin directory and moved asset files to subfolders
                        Fixed background building bug in WP 2.1
                        Removed auto-update plugin link for WP < 2.5
 2008-05-22     3.1     Marked as 3.1 stable, updated documentation
 2008-05-27 Extracted UI JS to external file
                        Enabled the option to include following pages of multi-page posts
                        Script tries to raise memory and time limit if active
 2008-12-21     3.1.1   Fixed redirect issue if wp-admin is rewritten via mod_rewrite, thanks to macjoost
                        Fixed wrong path to assets, thanks PozHonks
                        Fixed wrong plugin URL if wp-content was renamed / redirected, thanks to wnorris
                        Updated WP User Interface for 2.7
                        Various other small things
 2008-12-26     3.1.2   Changed the way the stylesheet is saved (default / custom stylesheet)
                        Sitemap is now build when page is published
                        Removed support for static robots.txt files, this is now handled via WordPress
                        Added compat. exceptions for WP 2.0 and WP 2.1
 2009-06-07     3.1.3   Changed MSN Live Search to Bing
                        Exclude categories also now exludes the category itself and not only the posts
                        Pings now use the new WordPress HTTP API instead of Snoopy
                        Fixed bug that in localized WP installations priorities could not be saved.
                        The sitemap cron job is now cleared after a manual rebuild or after changing the config
                        Adjusted style of admin area for WP 2.8 and refreshed icons
                        Disabled the "Exclude categories" feature for WP 2.5.1, since it doesn't have the required functions yet
 2009-06-22     3.1.4   Fixed bug which broke all pings in WP < 2.7
                        Added more output in debug mode if pings fail
                        Moved global post definitions for other plugins
                        Added small icon for ozh admin menu
                        Added more help links in UI
 2009-08-24     3.1.5   Added option to completely disable the last modification time
                        Fixed bug regarding the use of the HTTPS url for the XSL stylesheet if the sitemap was build via the admin panel
                        Improved handling of homepage if a single page was set for it
                        Fixed mktime warning which appeared sometimes
                        Fixed bug which caused inf. reloads after rebuilding the sitemap via the admin panel
                        Improved handling of missing sitemaps files if WP was moved to another location
 2009-08-31     3.1.6   Fixed PHP error "Only variables can be passed by reference"
                        Fixed wrong URLS of multi-page posts (Thanks artstorm!)
 2009-10-21     3.1.7   Added support for custom taxonomies (Thanks to Lee!)
 2009-11-07     3.1.8   Improved custom taxonomy handling and fixed wrong last modification date
                        Changed readme and backlinks
                        Fixed fatal error in WP < 2.3
                        Fixed Update Notice in WP 2.8+
                        Added warning if blog privacy is activated
                        Fixed custom URLs priorities were shown as 0 instead of 1
 2009-11-13     3.1.9   Fixed MySQL Error if author pages were included
 2009-11-23     3.2     Added function to show the actual results of a ping instead of only linking to the url
                        Added new hook (sm_rebuild) for third party plugins to start building the sitemap
                        Fixed bug which showed the wrong URL for the latest Google ping result 
                        Added some missing phpdoc documentation
                        Removed hardcoded php name for sitemap file for admin urls
                        Uses KSES for showing ping test results
                        Ping test fixed for WP < 2.3
 2009-12-16     3.2.1   Notes and update messages could interfere with the redirect after manual build
                        Help Links in the WP context help were not shown anymore since last update
                        IE 7 sometimes displayed a cached admin page
                        Removed invalid link to config page from the plugin description (This resulted in a "Not enough permission error")
                        Improved performance of getting the current plugin version with caching
                        Updated Spanish language files
 2009-12-19     3.2.2   Fixed PHP4 problems
 2010-04-02     3.2.3   Fixed that all pages were not included in the sitemap if the "Uncategorized" category was excluded
 2010-05-29     3.2.4   Fixed more deprecated function calls
                        Added (GMT) to sitemap xslt template to avoid confusion with time zone
                        Added warning and don't activate plugin if multisite mode is enabled (this mode is NOT tested yet)
                        Changed get_bloginfo('siteurl') to get_bloginfo('url') to avoid deprecation warning
                        Changed has_cap(10) to has_cap('level_10') to avoid deprecation warning
                        Fixed wrong SQL statement for author pages (Ticket #1108), thanks to twoenough
 2010-07-11     3.2.5   Backported Bing ping success fix from beta
                        Added friendly hint to try out the new beta
 2010-09-19     3.2.6   Removed YAHOO ping since YAHOO uses bing now
                        Removed deprecated function call
 2012-04-24     3.2.7   Fixed custom post types, thanks to clearsite of the wordpress.org forum!
                        Fixed broken admin layout on WP 3.4

 Maybe Todo:
 - Your wishes :)
 Copyright 2005 - 2012 ARNE BRACHHOLD  (email : himself - arnebrachhold - de)

 This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
 the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
 (at your option) any later version.
 This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 GNU General Public License for more details.

 You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307  USA
 Developer Documentation
 Adding other pages to the sitemap via other plugins
  This plugin uses the action system of WordPress to allow other plugins
  to add urls to the sitemap. Simply add your function with add_action to
  the list and the plugin will execute yours every time the sitemap is build.
  Use the static method "GetInstance" to get the generator and AddUrl method 
  to add your content.
  function your_pages() {
	$generatorObject = &GoogleSitemapGenerator::GetInstance(); //Please note the "&" sign for PHP4!
	if($generatorObject!=null) $generatorObject->AddUrl("http://blog.uri/tags/hello/",time(),"daily",0.5);
  - The URL to the page
  - The last modified data, as a UNIX timestamp (optional)
  - The Change Frequency (daily, hourly, weekly and so on) (optional)
  - The priority 0.0 to 1.0 (optional)

 Rebuilding the sitemap on request

  If you want to rebuild the sitemap because dynamic content from your plugin has changed,
  please use the "sm_rebuild" hook which is available since 3.1.9.
  All other methods, like calling the Build method directly are highly unrecommended and might
  not work anymore with the next version of the plugin. Using this hook, the sitemap plugin will
  take care of everything like loading the required classes and so on.
  The sitemap might not be rebuild immediately, since newer versions use a background WP-Cron
  job by default to prevent that the user has to wait and avoid multiple rebuilds within a very short time.
  In case the sitemap plugin is not installed, nothing will happen and no errors will be thrown.
 Adding additional PriorityProviders
  This plugin uses several classes to calculate the post priority.
  You can register your own provider and choose it at the options screen.
  Your class has to extend the GoogleSitemapGeneratorPrioProviderBase class
  which has a default constructor and a method called GetPostPriority
  which you can override.
  Look at the GoogleSitemapGeneratorPrioByPopularityContestProvider class
  for an example.
  To register your provider to the sitemap generator, use the following filter:
  Your function could look like this:
  function AddMyProvider($providers) {
	return $providers;
  Note that you have to return the modified list!  
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