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 This package contains the source code files for the script, a control panel
 for managing your proxy site and a number of the additional files to help with
 customizing your proxy.

   - admin.php
     | This script provides a user-friendly interface for editing your settings.
     | Upload it to your root proxy directory and run it in your web browser.
     | You can then follow the instructions displayed to customize your proxy.

   - cookies.php
     | This file displays a list of proxified cookies stored on the users computer
     | and allows the user to delete individual or all cookies.

   - disclaimer.php
     | This file displays a stock disclaimer to the user.
   - edit-browser.php
     | This allows the user to customize the "virtual browser". You can edit the
     | user agent and referrer, and choose another proxy to tunnel through.
   - privacy.php
     | This file displays a stock privacy policy to the user.
   - terms.php
     | This file displays a stock terms of use to the user.
   - full.main.js
     | An uncompressed version of the proxy javascript. You will only need this if
     | want to modify the includes/main.js file.
 Install: simply copy the file(s) to your root proxy folder. For user-accessible pages,
          you will need to edit your theme to create links to the extra pages.
   - *
     | The contents of this folder must be uploaded to your server for the proxy to function.
     | This folder contains all the source code files for the script.

| Copyright 2008, http://www.glype.com/
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