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  ** Title........: Language File
  ** Filename.....: language.en.inc.php (English)
  ** Author.......: Ralf Stadtaus
  ** Homepage.....: http://www.stadtaus.com/
  ** Contact......: mailto:hide@address.com
  ** Version......: 0.4
  ** Notes........: If you have translated this language
  **                file we would be happy if you could
  **                send us the file.
  ** Last changed.: 2004-01-20
  ** Last change..:

  $txt = array (

                   'txt_charset'                      => 'iso-8859-1',
                   'txt_problems'                     => '<p><strong>Run into problems?</strong> Script documentation and instructions: <a href="./docu/index.html" target="_blank">./docu/index.html</a></p><p>Get answers to your questions in the <a href="http://www.stadtaus.com/forum/" target="_blank">support forum</a> on the website of the <a href="http://www.stadtaus.com/en/" target="_blank">{txt_script_name}</a> at STADTAUS.com.</p>',
                   'txt_set_off_note'                 => '<strong>Note:</strong> Once the script configuration have been finished you can set off the system messages (index.php - <i>$show_error_messages</i>).',
                   'txt_system_message'               => 'System Message',
                   'txt_wrong_template_path'          => 'The HTML template directory could not be found. Please enter the correct directory path in index.php - <i>$path[\'templates\']</i>.',
                   'txt_wrong_templates'              => 'Following HTML template(s) could not be found. Please make sure the file(s) exist(s) in the template folder or correct the file name(s) in index.php - <i>$tmpl[\'...\']</i>.',
                   'txt_wrong_form_type'              => 'The form field type setting in file <i>index.php</i> is not correct. Only allowed are the options "radio" and "select" and "radio_image".',

                   'txt_allow_cookie_setting'         => 'Please make sure your browsers accepts Cookies. If not, you cannot vote.',
                   'txt_already_voted'                => 'You have already voted.',
                   'txt_captcha_errror'               => 'Captcha letters not correct.',
                   'txt_captcha_note'                 => 'Please enter the letters from the image.',
                   'txt_captcha_try_again'            => 'You did not enter the correct text displayed in the image. Please try again.',
                   'txt_decimals_separator'           => '.',
                   'txt_display_form'                 => 'Vote form',
                   'txt_display_results'              => 'Display results',
                   'txt_enter_email'                  => 'Enter e-mail',
                   'txt_email_required'               => 'Please enter an e-mail address.',
                   'txt_empty_intern_vote_name'       => 'No voting has been selected.',
                   'txt_error_captcha'                => 'Captcha image could not be generated.',
                   'txt_rating'                       => 'Rating',
                   'txt_referrer_check_failed'        => 'Your vote could not be counted. Wrong referrer.',
                   'txt_submit'                       => 'Vote',
                   'txt_thanks'                       => 'Thanks for voting.',
                   'txt_thousends_separator'          => ',',
                   'txt_total_votes'                  => 'Total votes'


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