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Produced under: LGPL

NOTE: Script assumes you have an existing userbase database. If not, please use the table
scheme provided in database.sql.

Step 1
Open config.php, fill it with the correct information

Step 2
Place the registration file where you want it to appear as:

<?php include('register.php'); ?>

Step 3
Place login.php in the page where you want the login box to appear as:

<?php include('login.php'); ?>

Step 4
To log out a user, redirect them to logoff.php as:


Step 5
To protect any pages, place this code on top most of the page:



if($_SESSION['isLoged'] != 'yes' || $_SESSION['userName'] == NULL)
    header("Location: login.php");exit();

Step 6
To protect any directory, place the above code in a file called index.php and
place that file in the directory.
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