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Free php RSS to Content v1.27
By johnedwardsproperties.com
Free to use, please acknowledge me 

Include the following where you want the feeds display, must be a PHP page.
Make sure to include the correct path to FreeRSStoHTML.php


Place the URL of an RSS feed in the $URL_1 variable.
If you have additional RSS feeds place them into $URL_2 - $URL_5
The script will combines all the feeds together and shuffles the listings

$URL_1 = "http://online.wsj.com/xml/rss/3_7400.xml";
$URL_2 = "";
$URL_3 = "";
$URL_4 = "";
$URL_5 = "";
Change item_limit to limit number of listings to display
$item_limit = 8;

If you do not want the feeds shuffled set $shuffle_feed = false; otherwise leave it at
$shuffle_feed = true;
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