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This software is developed and copyrighted by HIOX Softwares.
This is given under The GNU General Public License (GPL).
This version is HDR 1.0

a) Web Date Range script that can be included in any web page.
b) Script checks for valid dates and return correct dates as $date1 and $date2.
c) "Invalid date" message will be shown on choosing invalid date range.
d) User can select dates as today, yesterday, etc or choose between a range of dates.
e) Simple to integrate in to any page. The script uses php and javascript.
f) Just Download for free and Use it.

Please take 5 minutes time and read installation instructions carefully and
completely! This will ensure a proper and easy installation. 

a) Unzip HDR_1_0.zip to extract the file to the folder HDR_1_0\HDR

Embedding the  Date Range script:
a) Open the file HDR\about.php in your web server.
b) Click on the option “Get code”, copy and paste the code where ever on the
page to display the Visitor tracker.
c) Change your file name as .php (e.g: index.html to index.php).

Writing the Query for the Date range Script:
a) An error message is printed if the user selects an invalid date range.
b) If the date range is valid then file HDR/action.php is called. Write your
query in HDR/action.php.

If you have any issues with the code, please, click on the option “Report”, to
go to feedback page of Hscripts.com to give feedback.


Release Date HDR 1.0: 19-07-2005

On any suggestions mail to us at hide@address.com
For detailed License information can be found in

Visit us at http://www.hscripts.com
Visit us at http://www.hioxindia.com
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